Who is Kookie for?

Kookie is created for pre-teen girls aged around 7-ish to 12-ish. But anyone can enjoy it!

Can boys read Kookie?

Of course they can (and do)!

Why are there two editions?

We print Kookie in Australia and the UK. It’s the same fabulous magazine, with local features keeping content relevant for readers of each edition. Our aim is to build a worldwide community of awesomeness.

How do I get a copy?

You can subscribe or buy a single issue here.

Where do you ship Kookie to?

Anywhere in the world.

Can I contribute to Kookie?

We LOVE to hear from readers. If you’re a pre-teen girl who likes to write, draw or take photographs, or if you think you have something special to say – about absolutely anything – please get in touch. Find out more about submitting to Kookie here.

Where’s the advertising?

There isn’t any and never will be. Just 52+ pages of fantastic content and no ads at all.