‘I love Kookie because it gives people new ideas. I enjoy reading it every few months when it comes. I can’t choose my favourite segment because the magazine as a whole is just amazing! My mum found Kookie on TV and got me the first issue around Christmas time and I have loved every issue ever since. Thank you for making this magazine about what you CAN be instead of what you SHOULD be.’

‘Kookie is amazing! What a beautiful, fun-filled mag!’

‘Thank you so much for publishing this amazing magazine. I kinda stopped getting magazines as I knew they were just gonna be the same rubbish. But this magazine is epic! Thank you so so so so much for inspiring kids like me and showing us that you don’t have to go with the crowd!’

‘Kookie magazine is awesome because it is interesting and not about celebrities I don’t know.’

‘My daughter has absolutely ploughed through them. She has said many times over the last few days how much she loves them. The articles, opinions, comics. Absolutely thrilled – perfectly targeted. Thank you!’

‘Just wanted to let you know that my 10-year-old daughter is loving Kookie … She is keen to write to you. Pretty exciting for a girl with dyslexia who struggles to engage with reading. Thank you so much!’

‘Love, love, love this and sincerely hope it is wildly successful. So needed to inspire a whole new generation of girls!’

‘My 11-year-old LOVES it. Cover to cover in one sitting. Well done!’

‘If you have a tween-age girl in your family, then I can’t recommend Kookie magazine highly enough.’

‘It has been a major hit in our house!’

‘I really like KOOKIE magazine because it has comics and lots to do for fun! Thank you so much for creating such a cool magazine with a great message!’

‘It looks amazing. Well done, everyone involved.’

‘My daughter is obsessed! She has not put it down. In fact, when I got up at 6.30 this morning, I found her in the lounge room, rereading some of the articles. I can’t wait to have a look – once she lets me!’

‘A real hit – even more compelling than Netflix!’

‘I can’t wait for the next issue, and I haven’t even finished this one!’

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